A little about the world I live in:

  • I am a Pisces.  If that means something to you, great!
  • Apparently, at some point in time, I told my wife I’d like to try brussel sprouts prepared well…  If this was said (I vehemently deny it), I blatantly lied.
  • I am slowly getting rid of (a big chunk of) everything that we own…

Now that we’ve gotten the meat of who I am out of the way, let’s talk about all the other stuff:

I’m the father of three gorgeous (see: energetic / ornery / sometimes, borderline psychotic) children ages six, five, and two (your sympathies are appreciated) and the husband of an amazing wife of just shy of seven years. When I’m not snoozing through my patriarchal responsibilities, I’m a night nurse at a long-term care facility in rural Ohio, where I’ve been employed since July 2016, and a student working on my LPN to RN transition. Oh, yea.  I’m also a minimalist (side note: first time I ever written or said that statement and, for some reason, it was a little bit scary…  But true.).

While I am far from a minimalism expert, I do wholeheartedly believe in the minimalist philosophy and purpose:  living a more intentional life by eliminating those things that don’t serve the explicit purpose of bringing about joy and that take time and attention away from those people / things / events that do.  I’ve often joked (or so she thought) with my wife about moving our family of five into a “tiny house” and selling anything that didn’t fit.  Understanding that isn’t practical, if I’d like to continue calling her my wife, we’re meeting halfway and starting on our own unique version of minimalism.  Along the way, we will learn more about what works best of us and, most importantly, learn more about and grow closer to those people / things / activities that mean the most to us.

As far as you are concerned, I hope that you enjoy this little window into our lives.  While minimalism will most likely be the overarching theme of the page, I’ll most definitely discuss my life a nurse / parent / husband / member of society.  I hope you are somewhat entertained. This is likely to be a comedy of errors.  Learn from mine – make your own.   I hope you are inspired.  If anything read here encourages you to take one step in the direction of more intentional living, I’ll call it a success.  I hope that I can, in some way, help you find what you are looking for and help you create your own personalized working definition of minimalism.


Brandon M. Ward