Working to Afford the Life You “Want” and Having No Time to Live It

A friend of mine asked, “How does it make sense to work to afford the type of life you want, but not have time for that life because you are too busy working?”

Try this:  Make a list of everything you’ve bought in the last 30 days…  Everything…  

Strike out all of the non-essentials or things that don’t bring you value.  Add up the approximate cost of those things.  Convert that to hours worked…  

Those are the hours we spend working to buy random crap that doesn’t have any long term value.  

If we spend less, own less crap, spend organizing and maintaining stuff we don’t need, and working excess hours to buy stuff that, in the end, we couldn’t care less if we didn’t have…  We’d find we actually do have time to live the lives we want.


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