The Start of Something Beautiful…

We’ve all been there.  After a hectic day at work, there’s the kids’ soccer practice, a quick bite to eat, followed by grocery shopping and the minions have been bickering and biting at each other’s heels the whole time.  Do we have children or Chihuahuas?  For a moment, we take solace in knowing the weekend is within reach.

Wait, what weekend?  The amount of dirty laundry and dishes that await lead us to believe a fraternity has been living in our home while we slave away at work.  The Batman and Avengers cups strewn throughout the house serve as evidence of an epic super hero beer pong tournament.  Throw pillows, blankets, coats, book bags, shoes, crumpled scraps of homework….  ARRRRGHHHHH!  AND LEGOS!  Hundreds, nay thousands, scattered from room to room like the rubble left behind from some natural disaster…  Catch one more of those little, yellow square devil toys to the heel and we’ll be the next article of floor decor.

We’re so freakin’ tired.  It was dark when we left, darker still when we return.  Our bed calls us with sweet melodies like that of angels and mermaids, but this house!  There’s a church group meeting tomorrow night.  Saturday morning is reserved for not one but two soccer games followed by a family gathering later that evening.  Home late, we rush whiny boys to bed.  Our sweet girl has a fever that serves as a premonition for a long night of flailing ninja toddler limbs in our bed and an inordinate amount of diaper changes thanks to what looks to be a digestive bug of some kind.

The sun shines bright in eyes that just finally got to close for more than a few minutes.  Maybe church isn’t in the cards today.  Oh, just kidding.  It’s our Sunday to teach for children’s ministry and pass out programs at the door.  After an hour and a half of smiles forced through the acrobatics of a somersaulting stomach, we break sound barriers rushing home because, based on the torment that befell our little one last night, we don’t have much time before…  well…  you know…  A half hour nap turns into a half day slumber and, before you know it, it’s shower time followed by a story (or three) and, finally, rest.  Meanwhile, a sorority joined our frat boy inhabitants to have an impromptu “mixer” over the weekend.

The trash man stops at the end of the drive to noisily clang the cans together at an ungodly hour the next morning – a leading cause for a “case of the Mondays”.  For a second, we contemplate motioning for him to back his truck up to the front door so that we can toss the party debris into the back to be crushed, not unlike our spirits.  Don’t have to worry about cleaning up what we don’t have, do we?  There’s another way, though.

What if we owned less of the unnecessary excess that clutters our lives and raises our blood pressure?  Having only what we need, we have fewer things that seem to serve little purpose other than to crowd our home and swallow our souls.  I mean, what in the hell are decorative pillows for?  Oh, that’s right, for our kids to throw about in a festive manner.

Maybe now is a good time to consider that “minimalism” mumbo-jumbo the long-winded yahoo online is talking about.  But what would we do with the time we typically reserve for resetting our cluttered chaos?  Is it possible that there’s more to life than an endless cycle of washing the 18 cups, 10 pairs of jeans, and 36 mismatched socks our two boys somehow dirty in just 24 hours?

Take a few moments today to think about how reducing our excess might increase our quality of life.

This might be the start of something beautiful.


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